Fruit Jar

This invention relates to a new and improved construction of jars or other vessels designed for the preservation of fruit and other substances which are seriously affected by exposure to air, whereby India-rubber packing-rings or gaskets can be employed in making tight joints without exposing the rubber to the contents of the jars, and whereby flat horizontal shoulders formed outside of the jars are adapted to afford bases, upon which to receive said rubber packing-rings upon the exterior of the jars above the continuous glass screw, and whereby flanged caps or covers can be used, the flanges of which are adapted to fit over annular ribs or flanges surrounding the mouths of the jars, and whereby flexible flanged screw-rings, made of thin metal, are adapted to confine the caps or covers down firmly in place over the mouths of the jars, and upon the said rubber packing-rings placed upon the said shoulders formed outside of the jars, all of which elements I employ, as will be hereinafter described, to produce hermetical joints, and, at the same time, prevent the contents of jars having any chemical or other effect upon the packing-rings.

(via original patent application)

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