Holiday Cards

If you’ve put off cards or are looking for a professionally-designed holiday card, you can find them here. I mean, you can also find them at Target, but you can’t shop at Target in your underwear.

Each download is a print-ready PNG file that you can take to a local or online printer. If they give you any grief about copyrighted images, you can show them this paragraph that says you have my permission to print up to 100 5×7 copies because I own the rights. (I’m no lawyer, but I think that will work.)

You may also want to pay me to handle the printing in quantities of 25, 50, or 100. I can have them delivered to your home, along with the same quantity of envelopes in 4-5 working days. (See? You still don’t have to put on pants!)

Click here for information on printing. 

You can even pay me to customize the file with a different message, your name, a photo, or a personal message on the back. Heck, I’ll even make stuff up about you and make you sound like a BAMF. (Bad Ash Mother Father.) (Duh.)

Click here for customization options. 

Or, if things are getting wild and you just need to cross “holiday cards” off of your to-do list, you can use the image in an email or social media post instantly and cross that puppy off. Go ahead, you deserve it. (FYI: You can do this one sans pantaloon, as well.)

As a thank you to my friends who have supported me and my projects throughout the year, I’m asking you to name your own price, and I won’t even think twice if you want them for free, because the holidays are tough enough without feeling guilt.

However, if you want to give me some of your money, that would be cool, too, because I work hard and believe in myself.

But also, I believe in you!

All proceeds from the holiday cards go to support my efforts with  #QueerMeals and #safeXmas in Provo, Utah.

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