Coloring Pages

Do you like to col­or? Do you want to sup­port ALL the fam­i­lies? I have updat­ed  “The Fam­i­ly is of God” with MORE FAMILIES, MORE DIVERSITY, and MOAR CHICKENS and turned it into GIANT COLORING PAGES.

I’ve also cre­at­ed a sec­ond col­or­ing page for those god­less hea­thens who prefer to use a “Wel­come All Peo­ple” mes­sage.

Dig­i­tal down­loads are avail­able imme­di­ate­ly. Print­ed options will be upload­ed to a Sta­ples or Office Depot near you to be picked up with­in 24 hours.

BONUS: the pro­ceeds go to sup­port #safeX­mas, so please buy one or 100.

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